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Who We Are & What We Do


Welcome to STL Property Hunters, where you can make extra money in your spare time, on your own schedule, with no strings attached (no commitment of production).  All you need is transportation, a camera and time. 

We are private Real Estate Investors in the business of buying distressed and foreclosed properties in the STL metro area. We renovate the property and then place on the market for sale. We are associated with a national network of similar professionals and have tremendous buying power.  Because of this significant buying power we are constantly in need of a fresh and on-going supply of properties to buy.



How You Will Make Money


The process is simple:

1.  Find us off market non-listed properties that meet our criteria.

2.  Send them to us through our simple online form on our website.

3.  If we end up buying the property you get paid $500 - $1,500 within 7 days of closing.  Payout is based on estimated profit after repairs. 

Once you join our team, you'll get training and guidance on the most effective ways to find houses and how to easily submit your leads.


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